We use an assortment of top-of-the-line technology tools and software to manage costs, labour, scheduling, and a variety of other elements attached to your project. Innovation excites us, and we remain abreast of new, more efficient ways to lead your project to success.


PlanSwift helps us eliminate manual plan takeoffs and drastically reduce the chance on miscalculating materials or missing items.

PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software calculates everything we need to put an estimate together: labour, square footages, perimeters, volumes of simple or complex areas, beams, rebar, studs, gallons of paint, concrete, insulation, gravel and length of copper wire (and everything in between). This allows us to produce a drilled-down, highly detailed, sophisticated and accurate budget for you.

More information on PlanSwift can be found here: https://www.planswift.com/


Spectrum delivers complete business management  for Bold Construction. From accounting to project management, from the office to the job site, and across the entire life cycle of construction work. With the use of first-class software, this means our clients receive accurate budgets, reports and all information relating to the financials and progress of the project. A few bullet points of Spectrum features:

  • Keep tight control over your projects’ job costs.
  • Analyze work-in-progress reports.
  • Compare actuals versus projections versus budget.
  • Accurately track cost to complete.
  • View committed costs for any project.
  • Web based software with abilities to access information from anywhere in the world.
  • Effectively manage change orders and other project changes.

More information on Spectrum can be found here: https://www.dexterchaney.com/

SiteMax - Site Management Sofware

SiteMax offers the best construction management software solution for jobsite-to-office communication, helping your company realize great efficiencies by eliminating paperwork and deploying digital and mobile workflows which saves time and money.

More information on SiteMax can be found here: http://sitemaxsystems.com/